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Order Your NCCW Blue Scarves and/or Apron Have you seen KDCCW members wearing the beautiful blue NCCW Scarves with the line drawing of Our Lady of Good Counsel? Over 2,000 of these signature scarves have been sold nationwide. Was there someone wearing a new white or blue NCCW Apron with OLGC on the bib at your last coffee or potluck? So far 200 of them are being worn in Councils across the country. If you can answer YES! to either of these questions, thanks go to Janice Michel of St Bridget CCW in Dayton.

Through her vision and dedication, these new NCCW signature items proclaim our patroness and show our solidarity. NCCW President Patty Johnson has been very suhttp://www.foryourmarriage.org/saying-i-do-what-happens-at-a-catholic-wedding/ccessful in selling the items as she travels to DCCW's around the US. It was also Janice's vision and creativity that gave us the orange scarves that signify TN when KDCCW members attend national meetings and our wonderful slogan---LOUD AND PROUD from TENNESSEE! THANK YOU, Janice! BTW----the beautiful line drawing was adapted from the original NCCW OLGC by another East Tennessean---Lucia Hare, when she was a member of St. Mary CCW in Oak Ridge.

If you want to order these NCCW signature items, just go to www.nccw.org and click on resources.


Province of Louisville National Council of Catholic Women Affiliated with the National Council of Catholic Women

Nancy Poll

Province Director Report June 2014



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