Membership - Lynn Christ  Report January 2018

Membership makes up Affiliates


Smoky Mt. Deanery CCW
   Bentley, Micah - Holy Family
   Hafner, Marilyn - Immaculate Conception
   Hazari, Marcella - Immaculate Conception
   Hurley, Therese - Immaculate Conception
   Jones, Edna - All Saints
   Joubert, Karen - St. Marys
   Krapilak, Kirsten - Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Cumberland Mtn. Deanery
   Bixenman, Gale - St. Alphonsus
   Smith, Patty - St. Alphonsus
   Bogardus, Carole - St. Francis of Assisi
   Campbell, Judith Carol - St. Francis of Assisi
   Duckstein, Alice - St. Francis of Assisi
   Messerich, Jane - St. Francis of Assisi
   Petelle, Irene - St. Francis of Assisi
   Bixenman, Gale - St. Alphonsus

Chattanooga Deanery CCW
   Barnett, Mary - Holy Spirit
   Potter, Kathryn - Holy Spirit
   Shramko, Sue - Sts. Peter & Paul

If you are not yet a member of NCCW, we hope to welcome YOU soon!

Membership in the National Council of Catholic Women

As a member of NCCW you will receive----mailed to your door--- our bi-monthly magazine, Catholic Woman, the annual Legislative Update, and the annual report on our Partnership Programs with Catholic Relief Services. For only $30 a year, you will be counted as a Catholic woman who stands in solidarity with your Catholic sisters all over our country. You will read about our impact on women and children around the globe through the Works of Peace and Works of Reconciliation in articles written by Catholic Relief Services. You will deepen your personal spirituality through articles on Scripture, the Saints and our Blessed Mother. Your membership in NCCW also strengthens our National Organization by providing the membership base necessary to receive grants to continue our good works and develop new programs to meet the changing needs of women and children in our communities, our nation and the world.

Add your name on the list of Catholic women who stand in solidarity with all your sisters in faith in action.

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