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Knoxville Diocesan Council Member Sally Jackson

Receives NCCW 2012 Our Lady of Good Counsel Award during the 2012 Annual Convention, NCCW President Judy Powers honored Sally Jackson of the Knoxville Diocesan Council of Catholic Women with the 2012 Our Lady of Good Counsel Award. Ms. Jackson has been active in parish and diocesan councils that are affiliated with NCCW for 50 years. Biennially, the National Council of Catholic Women honors an NCCW member who best exemplifies the characteristics of spirituality, leadership, and service with the Our Lady of Good Counsel Award.

NCCW President Judy Powers introduced Ms. Jackson saying, I would like to highlight just a few of Sally's many notable accomplishments in service to her Council and NCCW. For nearly 50 years, she has shown exemplary leadership throughout all levels of Council parish, deanery, diocese, and national. She has done outstanding work in collaboration with her Council sisters, heading charitable activities such as Helping Hands, an organization dedicated to helping parishioners in need of temporary food or transportation. She volunteers to drive the elderly to doctor appointments in Knoxville. Throughout her ministry as a sacristan, she has grown close to a parish member facing Alzheimer's who now lives fifty miles away yet distance has not stopped Sally from making regular visits to spend time with her friend, who does not always remember Sally was there.

Sally has been a Board Member of the Knoxville Diocesan Council of Catholic Women since 1993, held positions on many of the Committees and Commissions, and was president 1997-1999. During her presidency, she spearheaded the initiative to build a school for girls in the war-torn area of South Sudan by raising over $50,000. Due to her passion for international outreach, Sally has served as the Chair for International Concerns for her deanery council. During international trips she has given a suitcase full of scissors, fabrics, and school supplies to a family in Nepal, donated school supplies in China, and left most of her clothes in South Africa. It is in her nature to help those who are less fortunate with both small and large acts of kindness, much like her role model, Mother Teresa.

She is dedicated to the development and future of NCCW and works tirelessly to grow our organization through new membership solicitation and leadership training. In her roles both as Province Director of Louisville and President of Friends of NCCW for WUCWO, Sally made it her goal to increase individual membership and boost communication within the Board.

Sally knows what it means to be a voice of Catholic women. I believe her spirit, her faithfulness to the Lord, and her love of the Church truly shine through all her works of service.

In accepting the 2012 Our Lady of Good Counsel award, Ms. Jackson said, Thank you for the opportunity to serve NCCW. I think the award is not mine but all of ours. I stand on the shoulders of many, many women who encouraged and mentored me.

In recounting several stories about the women who invited her to join their work of service, Ms. Jackson reflected on the ways that participation in organizations affiliated with NCCW supported her spiritual development, family life, and service to parish, diocese, community, and the world.

The National Council of Catholic Women represents approximately 6,000 affiliated Catholic women,s organizations and individual members nationwide.


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